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4 really simple reasons your small business should be doing SEO

Sometimes SEO marketers and digital people get carried away with the ‘what’ of SEO.  What you get, what works, what doesn’t, what you should try, what you shouldn’t, what the industry is doing, what it has stopped doing and so on.

We sometimes forget to put ourselves in the mindset of the customers, those who need to relate to ‘why’ they should do SEO.  This blog has 4 good reasons that you might not hear from a sales person but they are real and there valuable.

  1. It makes your site better.

We’re not just talking about how fast your site loads or image dimension optimisation.  We’re not even talking about quality content.  We mean that you and the person that you engage for your SEO will spend months and possibly years looking at your site with a critical eye.  From the design, to structure, to code to colour scheme, menu layout, page structure, page hierarchy though to the analytics stats, you’ll have multiple experts looking through a focused lens, asking if everything about the site is the best it possibly can be.

  1. You get to know your business and your competition.

I’m sure you do know your business.  What I mean is know your business online.  Search engine optimisation forces you to confront your online business and that’s not always something that you know as well as your physical business.  This can be an eye opening experience and after a little adjustment can be really, really exciting.  It can lead to fantastic opportunities and expose you to new clients, colleagues, events and suppliers and interest groups that benefit your business greatly.

The same is to be said for competitors.  I’m sure you know your physical or traditional competitors as well as your need to better understand your online competition, as this can be equally rewarding and a great learning experience. If that is  done well it will reflect well on your own business and your plans for the future.

  1. Your existing customers will like you and your site more.

SEO will make your site better, easier to use, quicker and more detailed.  Even something as simple as a map, updated contact details or a FAQ will make a big difference to your client base.

If it’s good, interesting, shareable, engaging or useful then it’s something that should be there and SEO is a way to do that.

  1. You’ll expose your business to more potential customers.

This one seems obvious, as it’s the goal of most SEO campaigns.  Small and medium sized businesses especially, tend to look for a return on their SEO dollar on a per lead or per sale basis (see our previous blog on that subject).  The problems lies in that SEO and the clicks and traffic it generates to your site is only part of the buying or engagement process and it’s difficult to translate that directly into conversions.

That being said, it’s vital that your well-optimized site is present for the ‘things’ (i.e. keyphrases/search queries) that you business does (is found in Google for).  This is part of your path to conversions, sales, signups, leads etc.  It’s the foundation for a good online marketing plan and will lead to more sales or leads or signups when done correctly.

Cheers and let us know your thoughts and comments below or via social media.

Kerrie @ Netbrands

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