Adwords/PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising

Adwords is a great way to generate leads or sales quickly in a targeted and measurable way.

With the right bid, we can get your business appearing at the top of search results exposing your business to people searching for your product or service. And the best part is, PPC lets you spend what you want on the traffic you need.

By setting a daily, weekly or monthly budget, you can control your marketing spend and we can target the best keywords for your business without overspending.  You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, so we can accurately measure how your campaign is performing and make adjustments in real time if needed.

Do you need foot traffic into to your business? We can set your ads to run on location targeting, ensuring you don’t waste money on people outside your geographical region.



  • Strategy Meeting & Goal Setting
  • Lead Generation Focus
  • Account Set-up and Research
  • Monthly report and call from your Account Manager
  • Ongoing reviews to reduce cost and increase clicks
  • Banner and Display ads



  • Implementation
  • Keywords
  • Ad Copy Writing
  • Ad Extensions
  • Tracking and Conversion Optimisation
  • PPC Optimisation
  • Reporting



  • Google Account setup & Verified
  • Landing page optimisation
  • Phone call tracking