Follow up website leads

Follow up website leads

Ever requested an enquiry on a website, received a confirmation email and never heard back from the business again? That was my experience last week when I requested a call back from an electrician to quote for a job in my home!

This shows the importance of promptly following up on customer enquiries, and not just with an auto generated email! Your business could be losing countless customers by delaying responses or not responding at all.

Here are 3 fundamental steps you should take to ensure you secure the sale from the start!

  1. Follow up on website leads as quickly as possible! Customers are likely to have placed several enquiries with competitors, so jump in there and be the first to get back. According to the Harvard Business Review, companies that follow up within an hour of receiving an online query from a potential customer are almost seven times as likely to qualify that lead. Customers want information quickly and are not likely to wait for responses, ensure that your business is ahead from the start.
  2. Stay in touch. If your initial response is quick, but delay the next step of initiating a sale then customers may forget about your business, or think that you have forgotten about them. Effectively communicating with your customer is vital, try asking whether they have a time in mind to meet in person or come instore.
  3. Feedback. A website lead is only effective when the process is smooth and continually refined over time. To do this you need to be measuring and testing what works best for your unique business. Keep track of information such as the time it takes for customers to respond to follow ups, or what frequency of follow ups are most effective. Once you have secured the sale, ask customers what they thought about the process and whether it was easy to communicate.

Don’t get left behind and lose potential customers, make sure you have a strategy in place to quickly respond to customers! Let me know your experiences with website leads, have you been left hanging?


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