How often should you update your website?

How often should you update your website?

Well, the answer is all the time! To optimise the performance and relevance of your website, you should constantly be making small changes and improving your website. It is astonishing how many websites I personally visit, and think to myself ‘they obviously don’t care about their website and/or business” they are still displaying Christmas opening hours in August! Or the last time they uploaded a Blog was 2 years ago! So why would I do business with them?

Here are some signs that your website is out of date and needs a refresh!

  1. Slow loading content. An unresponsive lagging website will deter visitors and cause them to look elsewhere and contribute to a high bounce rate.
  2. Stock images or old low-quality images. Visuals are super important on a website. If your photos are out dated and unoriginal, then it is time to take new ones that truly represent your business.
  3. Content. Old content or text heavy or page heavy websites are simply boring and hard to digest. Visitors are unlikely to read paragraphs upon paragraphs of text, they just want to know how you can help solve their problems with your product.
  4. Too many ads and annoying pop ups. Nobody wants irrelevant ads all over the page, keep on- page advertising to a minimum and ensure only quality valuable ads are present.
  5. Theme and colour scheme. The overall look and feel of your website can make a difference to the image of your brand. If your website was built over 2 years ago, it is probably already behind in terms of overall look and functionality

If your website looks like it needs a rebuild, it probably does. Google also loves freshly updated websites so it could also help you rank high in searches. Talk to us today if you are considering a new website design!

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