Essentials for an e-commerce website

Essentials for an e-commerce website

Launching an online shop is a huge exciting step for your business, you are ready to expand and harness the power of online trading. To ensure your online shop is a success and generates revenue for your business, ensure your online shop is more than just pictures and payment systems. You need to ensure that you deliver customers a pleasant experience since the online shopping space is quite competitive, and customers expect nothing below perfect.

  1. Mobile user friendly: today, more than half of online purchases are made through mobile, so you need to ensure that functions, navigation, layout and images seamlessly integrate on all mobile devices.
  2. Easy checkout process: customers can give up if the checkout process is too long or hard to navigate. Ensure you capture all conversions by having a clear checkout button and shopping cart that can be easily edited. Clearly present all costs and shipping and ensure there are no surprise costs.
  3. Excellent quality images: online shopping is highly visual, since customers cannot tangibly see the product before purchasing. Include multiple angles and scenarios for each product highlighting its features and benefits. Have a zoom in function for customers to have a close up look at the details.
  4. Clear returns policy: having a returns policy makes customers feel more confident about their purchase. Ensure you include any costs and the refund payment process.
  5. Thorough product descriptions: buyers can make decisions based on the product description and how valuable they deem the product to be. Then need to be informative and provide descriptions as well as example uses. Try to come up with a story and include background information about the product, appeal to the customer’s needs.

E-commerce can make a huge difference to your business and understanding what your customers want is key. Your site should proudly show off your products and make the buyer experience a breeze.

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