Google My Business

Google My Business

Chances are you have seen the Google My Business feature on your web searches. It is surprising how some businesses don’t utilise this totally free, customer engaging service. It is easy to set up and can drastically increase the visibility of your business in local Google searches. It is especially essential for local SEO, and allows your business to appear in specific searches related to your business.

Here are some features that Google My Business includes:

  1. Contact information: the listing includes basic information such as phone number, address and website, in easy to click icons.
  2. Image: the images can be particularly important, it shows off what your business is about visually. Pick images that will stand out and encourage searchers to click.
  3. Customer reviews: searchers can be influenced by the ratings that customers have left, positive ratings and reviews can appeal to searchers, and Google will also monitor your ratings and alert you to any concerning comments. Keep on top of your ratings and respond to engage in two-way communication.
  4. Maps: Google maps can be integrated for navigation so potential customer can see where your business is located.
  5. Mobile optimisation: the listing is presented beautifully on desktop and mobile searches, particularly important with the increase in mobile searches when people are out and about.
  6. Business hours: Keep your business hours accurate and up to date. Make sure potential customers know when you are open and give them assurance that you will be open when they plan to visit.
  7. Search rank report: Google also provides you with free reports on the activity of you My Business listing. This is hugely useful and can bring you important insights into how potential customers interact.

If you are not using Google My Business, your competitors will be ahead. So why not utilise this free tool to inform potential customers about your business.

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