Important search engine ranking factors 2017

Important search engine ranking factors 2017

Search engine optimisation is a competitive and dynamic field of specialisation where there’s absolutely no room for mediocre. As SEO services in Melbourne continue to get more and more popular with the evolution of the field, Google seems to release a new algorithm update or make changes more consistently. While the Possom and Penguine algorithm updates took the local SEO world in Melbourne by the storm, 2017 has had its very own and unique surprises up its sleeves.

Here’s a list of important search engine ranking factors in 2017.

Content continues to be the king

Search engine optimisation specialists have, over the years, tried different combinations, shapes and sizes of content to affect the rankings. In 2017, it again reiterates the fact that Google loves fresh, high-quality, constantly-updated and good-length content. And, as always, keywords are what decides your future on search engine results. Go for the right blend of anchored keywords, long-tail keywords and LSI synonym keywords for effective results.


High quality and more number of do follow backlinks are some of the most important ranking factors for SEO in 2017 thus far.

You can opt for service providers that specialise in affordable SEO in Melbourne to help you with extending the search performance of your website on leading search engines, which is a great way to boost sales.

Mobile first

Google’s mobile-first strategy has completely revamped the face of search results this year, particularly when we talk about local SEO in Melbourne. Google now helps users more effectively target specific geography and locations to get more filtered results with local search queries.

Speed matters

With a mobile-first approach by Google, the speed of a web page has become more and more important than ever. Sites having slow or sluggish page speed get a beating as the search giant is more focused on giving priority to websites with faster page loading that ensures pleasant user experience.

Schema code

SEO is going local by a fair margin, so in case you’re pondering over how to actually get visible results and rank higher on SERPs, then schema mark-ups are highly important. Schema codes help search engines more comprehensively understand different bits of text such as reviews, addresses and more. Schema mark-ups become more important when it comes to getting effective results on local businesses.

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