5 Best Tactics to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rates

5 Best Tactics to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rates

Generating traffic for your website is a fantastic idea, but what is the point of great traffic that does not convert? This is why you need ways to increase your website’s conversion rate.

But what exactly is a conversion rate? In a nutshell, the conversion rate is the percentage of prospects that took a specific action on your website in the direction you wanted. These specific actions may include purchasing a product, filling out a form, downloading an asset, replying to a blog, subscribing to a newsletter or anything else.

In case you need conversion rate optimisation, here are 5 best tactics that even the leading CRO agency in Melbourne would use to increase your website’s conversion rates.

Reduce the number of fields as much as possible

When requesting for information from prospects in a contact form or email opt-in form, ask for minimal information to reduce the number of fields in your form. The more a prospect has to fill out, the less likely the will complete the form.

Use testimonials, case studies, and reviews

New prospects want to know who has succeeded in using your products or services. Therefore, testimonials, case studies, and reviews all go a long way. They act as social proofs as well as reduce risk. Ensure to use them on your product/service landing pages and also on your email opt-in landing page.

Create dedicated landing pages for your PPC ads

Are you using AdWords or any other form of PPC ads? Ensure that you send these prospects to a dedicated landing page – not your home page. The more tailored you can be with your content, the better.

Have a simple and responsive website layout

Visitors should not find it difficult to access your website, and when they do, they should be able to quickly find the information they are in search of. Therefore, your website must be responsive and have a layout that is clear, intuitive and offers a great user experience.

Your Call to Actions (CTAs) must be compelling

Call to actions are very important in gaining conversions. Hence, CTAs must be compelling and straightforward. Endeavor to use strong verbs and catchy colors also, also ensure that the CTAs are clearly visible to your visitors.

Try any of these tactics above for conversion rate optimisation in Melbourne and share your thoughts with us on which one works best for you.

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