How Google Analytics is the Secret Weapon to Success Online

How Google Analytics is the Secret Weapon to Success Online

google analytics for online success

Google analytics allows you to see vital information about your website. It shows you how useful the website is and if and how it will increase your revenue, traffic, leads and more.

Your website is there to serve a purpose for your business. That may be providing a shopfront, creating brand awareness, generating least creating sales or more.

Using web analytical tools allows you to find out lots of information about your customers and would be customers. Google analytics is an important part of your online marketing strategy.

Identify the Business Objectives of Your Website

Keep your primary business goal in mind when you set up your website. The goal should be simple and measurable. It will have one of two purposes:

  • To increase the number of sales made directly through the company
  • To obtain leads

Online Marketing Tools

Digital Agencies know the value of analytical tools. Although there are other analytic tools out there, Google Analytics is ideal because it is free and gives you information about how other services fit into your approach when it comes to your data. It gives you an idea of where you are at and what you need to change.


Find Out Valuable Information About Your Business

With Google Analytics you can set up and measure how well you are meeting your business objects. The program works well with common analytics and advertising programs like Google Optimize and Google Adwords. It can be set up in as little as 5 minutes and gives you a host if information about your site. This includes:

  • The number of people that have accessed your site
  • How visitors found your site
  • How users are interacting with your website
  • The segmentation of your visitors – you can analyse the results of your marketing campaigns
  • The ability to fine tune your website based on your analysis
  • Comparing statistics with your competitors
  • Geographical information about your visitors
  • Whether your customers are returning customers
  • Which web browsers your visitors are using
  • Determining new products and services
  • At what point people exit your website

As you can see as well as analysis about your site’s performance you can find out vital information about your leads, your customer’s and your competitors. You can easily track where you can make changes and improvements online. Can you afford not to have access to this type of data?


The Goals Feature of Google Analytics

The goals feature allows you to check conversions on your website. You can set up various metrics to measure through Google Analytics. Conversions are the most important. Setting up your goals on Google Analytics ensure that you tie goal data in with other traffic statistics.

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