How Augmented Reality Will Affect Businesses

How Augmented Reality Will Affect Businesses

use of augmented reality for business

Augmented reality is an interactive experience in a real environment. It is the process of adding to what is already there. AR integrates virtual objects into existing surroundings, making it more interactive and real. Virtual reality, on the other hand, is a computer generated environment that you interact with. Augmented Reality is a component of Virtual Reality.

All that you need to experience AR is a smartphone – there is no need for expensive, bulky VR headsets. That is just one reason that many entrepreneurs are using augmented reality for their businesses.

Augmented Reality has in the past received attention for merely existing. Previously the use of AR was not realistically based, and enthusiasm for the technology waned. The technology advanced despite this and it has become an exciting digital innovation that is widely used.

Pokeman Go was what really changed every day user’s perception of augmented reality tools. This virtual reality game allowed users to explore their local areas and catch Pokemon as if they were real-life Pokemon trainers. The craze affected customers and businesses throughout the world. AR became cool, and businesses everywhere started looking for a piece of it.

A Part of Digital Innovation

When deciding on mobile experiences for businesses it is now normal for digital marketing companies to integrate augmented reality as a part of that experience. This has become mainstream quite quickly, and was not the case just twelve months ago.

The Future of Augmented Reality in Business

It is expected that AR will stay in the smart phone realm. It makes this aspect of virtual reality easier to access for everyone and eliminates the needs for high tech headsets. Everyone has a phone and so it is a high-tech experience that is available to us all.

AR will eventually team with location-based services in artificial intelligence. This will create even more usability for customers.

Marketing Using Digital Innovation

Improved GPS capabilities will allow advertisers to place relevant adverts in the form of virtual products all around us. We can be given step by step directions to a store or experience, for example, that is time sensitive. The advertising for your business can be shaped by what we see.

Industries Using Augmented Reality

AR can be used to benefit any industry. The below are some of the areas where it is most common.

  1. Gaming
  2. Dating Services
  3. Sports Apps
  4. Shopping
  5. Medicine
  6. Marketing
  7. Tourism
  8. Maps
  9. Education
  10. Landscaping

Augmented Reality is a rapidly growing form of virtual reality that could become widespread as early as 2020. Businesses are using it not just as a cool gimmic but as a way to problem solve.


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