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iPhone (iOS) And Android Application Development (Melbourne)

Did you know mobile apps are becoming just as popular as websites?

Effective mobile strategy involves more than just rendering your website for mobile devices, it means being visible to customers at all times, building brand recognition and staying ahead of the game. Launching your own mobile app gives you that competitive edge and creates an additional outlet for business growth, even for small to medium sized enterprises.

A Mobile app designed specifically for your business makes life easier for both you and your customers by streamlining processes like ordering, customer enquiries, accessing product promotions, scheduling appointments, booking quotes and more. It also gives you an avenue to measure important client and sales data which you can use to improve and adjust your business strategies.

In addition to generating business, apps are a fantastic tool for internal communications.

Saying connected to your team members is imperative, especially when it comes to things like sales progress, client communication, calendar scheduling, meetings and data updates. Using a dedicated app for internal communication allows you to do all this on the go and in real time.

Real time communication means you won’t miss that time-crucial business opportunity, decreases inaccurate data and improves both customer and internal relationships.

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At NetBrands, we provide custom mobile apps development for businesses, no matter the industry vertical. Our aim is to make your business shine by creating an app with stunning visual appeal, ease of use, optimised formatting and strategic display to promote lead generation, sales and simplified communication.

Our experts understand the importance of building an app from the ground up, that perfectly matches your particular needs. We will work with you every step of the wat to ensure you are happy with the process and the final result.

Our App Features Include

  • Stunning visual displays
  • Ordering facilities
  • Calendar integration
  • Invoicing
  • Payment gateways
  • CRM integration
  • Data measurement
  • Real time features

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